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Why software engineering is NOT like structural engineering

While cycling home from work today I was listening to the Deep Fried Bytes episode with Rico Mariani . I should have been warned by his introduction; “He has an analogy for everything”. But since he seems to be a smart person the good old “Software engineering is just like structural engineering” caught me by surprise. I thought we ditched that one together with the waterfall process. Usually this analogy is used to get people to do big up front design. “You wouldn’t start pouring concrete for the foundations when you don’t know how many stories your building should have” In structural engineering you need to finish a design before you start building.

Using Singletons Safely

The singleton is probably the best known of the GoF Design Patterns , it’s also the most controversial. I try avoid using singletons in my code when I can but since the singleton is a very simple but powerful pattern I sometimes sin against the decoupling gods and use one or two of them. Lots of stuff has been written about creating singletons. In this post I want to show you how properly use a singleton and contain most of the damage singletons do.