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Showing posts from February, 2009

Chaos in WPF

I’ve been reading up on math lately. Mostly chaos theory and nonlinear dynamics. I still don’t get why they don’t teach stuff like this in school, I might have even found math fun if they had done so, part of the fun of these areas of mathematics are the cool graphics they produce. Everyone knows the Mandelbrot set, but in this post I want to focus more on chaos theory. And to make it interesting for my usual readers lets draw some pictures with WPF

I can’t go to bed right now

Someone is wrong on the internet. In the past few episodes of the stackoverflow podcast Joel Spolsky and Jeff Atwood already talked about SOLID principles and TDD saying they don’t really care for it, they both seem to have been successful without it. They also admitted neither of them had any real experience with this style of programming. This is why I find it really surprising Jeff even took the trouble of writing another blog post about this voicing his opinions about a set of principles he clearly has never practiced.

More about dependency injection

In a previous post I talked about problems caused by singletons and how to solve them using dependency injection. I mainly talked about constructor injection. In a reaction to that post Roy Tang voiced his concerns about scaling contructor injection. In real life applications you often have a lot of dependencies, passing them through constructors can become a problem in real life solutions where you’ve got objects with lots of dependencies. Usually when manual IoC does not scale anymore I use an IoC container. But this might not always be an option. In this post I want to talk about a few ways to get around this problem.