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ASP.Net MVC … Wow!

I’ve been very happy on the windows programming side. I used to do web-programming but frankly ASP.Net web forms ruined that for me. Agreed… it’s very good for quickly setting up administrative websites that run inside the firewall. It has all the right abstractions allowing you to quickly piece together simple grid-based CRUD webapps without worrying about state, postbacks, javascript or even HTML. But when you want to build fun websites that look good and are designed to run on the big bad web these abstractions start to work against you.

Lately I’ve been getting a bit restless though. I need to learn some new stuff. Frankly my job is boring, right now I’m responsible for maintenance and support for a legacy C++ MFC system *yawn* so time to get back into web programming. Enter MVC!

Agreed, this is nothing new. Every other platform has had it’s web MVC framework for ages, even .Net has had monorail. But for me it’s new. And completely cool!

The architecture

I’ve been working with all kinds of UI patterns on the windows side. MVP, MVC, MVVM and so on hold no secrets for me but the web variant of MVC is a bit different for me. The whole routing thing took some getting used to, the controllers/view interaction is very simple compared to the windows world and I had to do some reading to get an IoC container working. But other than that the programming model is beautiful. No complicated page lifecycles but still every bit as extendable as we’re used to.


In web forms I had a whole bag of tricks to make things testable. Eventually I got some sort of MVP model working where I abstracted away all the page logic to a presenter object that was running behind the page. But the way pages behaved with controls throwing events all over the place this wasn’t as easy as it should have been. You had to be very keen on testing to go this route. In MVC things are the other way around. You have to try very hard to put logic in your views, although I have seen people manage this. Controllers are testable by default and everything is mockable. Great stuff for a TDD junkie like me.


In web forms I had all but given up on java script. The controls you put on the page had their own idea about what javascript should run and you had to fight with these to ajaxify your pages. In MVC you have much more control over how your pages look in HTML. This also makes it very easy to add javascript. I’ve even ordered my first jQuery book.

What am I building?

Wouldn’t you like to know? Right now the project I’m working on is still in the proof of concept phase. I’m trying to get some basic functionality working. If I’m more sure about the possibilities I’ll put a first version online. But that probably won’t be until the end of this year. But you can expect a lot of MVC posts from me in the future.


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